Returning to work was a very interesting experience. The first few days I felt a feeling of emptiness. Why was I working? What was I working for? I definitely felt empty handed as if something was missing– that’s because something was missing – Jet was missing.

The thought of “coming home to my Jet” was something I looked forward to months before his birth – I never got to come home from work to him – and that’s okay.

Our losses will always yield exponential gains in ways that we do not understand. -Joel

Back To My Desk

The first few days were one of many adjustments. It was important for me to take my time. I needed to ramp up to my usual routine and not allow my mind to wander. At the same time, I couldn’t rush into getting back to work. Rushing just didn’t feel right but not working felt like the wrong idea too. I believe that finding balance is the key.

It’s a good thing that I’ve never allowed my work define who I am. Rather who I am is reflected in my work. Having this understanding is crucial for managing through day-to-day life with a roller-coaster of different emotions. Our emotions and feelings are fickle, but our morals and beliefs ought to be a fortified unshakeable fortress.

Who you are is reflected in your work. Make sure that your work reflects greatness.