We have words like divorced, orphan and remarried. Words that communicate the state of once being something in the past. Take for example the word divorced, meaning once married but no longer applicable. So what is the word for once being a dad and that no longer being the case?

The father of one who is right with God will have much joy. He who has a wise son will be glad in him.
Proverbs 23: 24

Always A Dad

It seems like there is no word to describe a father who loses a son. This leads me to believe that we all inherently know that once you are a dad you will always be one. I like this idea a lot because I know that eventually I will be reunited with our son.

If you’ve lost a son, know that you will always be a dad. No one and no circumstance will ever be able to take that away from you. Our losses are an opportunity to build up and encourage others who may experience the same troubles in this life.