It was 6 a.m. the morning after Jet’s passing when we received the call. We had spent one final night at the hospital hotel. I can still remember the scent of the room, the fluorescent lighting, and the feeling of the sheets on twin bed Joel and I shared. As he answered the phone a woman’s voice began to ask our thoughts on organ and tissue donation. Joel didn’t hesitate in his response, “yes — whatever you need”. I have to admit I wasn’t prepared to answer all the questions they had. Like where I have traveled in the last year, my weight, health information, family medical conditions, and really just about anything you can imagine to see if Jet was an eligible donor. Every response was met with a tear. I was both heartbroken and thrilled to learn that our Jet’s heart would be able to save two precious babies.

Jet’s heart has not only gone on to save the lives of two other little ones but has helped to heal mine. CHANTEL PAGAN

To know that a part of him lives on is a gift.

My Little Missionary

I still very much feel my Jethro among us. He is serving as a missionary from a place beyond space and time. The creation woven together by God himself in the innermost place continues to share hope and love — through me, through his daddy and through his own heart.

Jethro is a double portion blessing.