The day we said I do we promised to walk together for better or for worse. We have journeyed together through life’s ups and downs in these shoes. Our first steps as man and wife. Each Anniversary. The burial of our son. The journey doesn’t stop here…

You’d only understand if you’d walked in our shoes. UKNOWN

 One Step At A Time

When you first get married it feels as like you are back to toddler days. You take your first step as man and wife ready to conquer any and all things that come your way. There is excitement that makes you run and dance, all while you are stumbling your way around and trying to figure out this walk called marriage.

When Joel and I got married he had one request, red shoes to walk down the aisle in. I won’t lie, at first I was hesitant. I mean Joel is a pretty tall guy (a handsome 6’2). So when he mentioned “red shoes” flashbacks of Ronald McDonald flooded my mind. All I could think was goodness gracious, will he look like a clown? I spent months trying to change his mind. It wasn’t until two weeks before our wedding that it clicked for me. All he wanted was a pair of red shoes. This was something he desired. This is a part of who he is and I LOVE who he is! It was exactly at that moment that I rush ordered a sweet pair of Red toms. I presented them to him the morning of our wedding along with a note that read how excited I was to journey this life with him, for better or for worse.

I can give a great account of all the “for better” we have encountered. Difficulty like the death of our firstborn goes on a short list of “for worse”. Looking back, I think what did we do to prepare ourselves for “the worse”, did we prepare, are we prepared?

Though I don’t have all the answers to how we will get through these next steps of our life I can confidently say they are grounded in this scripture that was a focus of our wedding.

Therefore what God has joined together let no man seperate. MARK 10:9

This is how we are prepared. No man, No Women, Not Joel or Myself will separate what God has joined together. Together we walk, crawl, run, stumble, and dance. Never alone, never separate. We will continue in our for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,  in sickness and in health, shoes till death do us part.

That last statement hits home for me. When I learned how many marriages crumble from the loss of a child all I could think of was “’till death do us part”. I can’t help but highlight that our vows didn’t say “in death will we part” or “when we experience death we will part”. The death of our son has been a weight only Christ can lift. We know He will guide us and He has prepared us to continue journeying, one step at a time.

Don’t give up on your journey. Know that God is good for His promises and His covenant to us is unbreakable. He is with you every step of the way!