Experiencing a difficult life event with your spouse can make you stronger – its easier said than done though. You may ask, how can the loss of a child make you stronger? The short answer is, perspective. The loss of something forces us to evaluate the event. It also puts our attitude to the test. Use the correct attitude when evaluating life’s events and you will grow stronger together.

Perspective refers to our attitude towards something and relates to the way that we think and feel about something.

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble 1 Peter 3:8


We have grown stronger together through the practice of using the correct attitude. We’ve learned to think beyond what we see and feel right now. Despite not understanding certain things, we keep an open mind knowing that life’s pains are temporary – easier said than done – but when you do, the outcome is a sense of freedom. An understanding of something greater.

I encourage you to give thought to your attitude. It’s hard to notice something your not looking for. So be on the lookout for the way that you feel and what you think. Ask yourself, why do I feel and think this way? Why have I chosen to believe that I should be angry, sad or something else?

Give thought to your ways and seek to understand rather than be understood. Choose the correct attitude.